Wishful Thinking

Redeux 3

I don’t know about you but I can’t pass a fountain of any kind without scouring my purse for a coin so that I can make a wish.  I think these kitties are making their own wish…for a seafood dinner.  This lovely pond and iron garden lantern by Myth are a perfect addition to this retreat I built for a friend.  The animated pond comes complete with lily pads and goldfish and the Elves Bead Lamp has color choices as well.  They are currently available at Redeux.  The pose by Serendipity Poses, also at Redeux, was the perfect choice for this thoughtful scene and comes in the Nova pack that includes 5 poses and 5 mirror poses.  All the info can be found in the credits.  Wishing you a great day!

{Style & Featured Decor Credits}

Featuring Myth & Serendipity Poses


Featured Decor

  • Cameo Pond – Myth (currently at Redeux)
  • Elves Bead Lamp-Patina Red – Myth (currently at Redeux)


  • Private Residence

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