Petal Glow

Petal Glow

It’s another rainy day here and as I walked to the mailbox I could see where the rain has beaten the petals off of my Crepe Myrtle and the petals are now lying about in purple puddles.  Once again I was inspired by nature to shoot this picture.  I love these petals by Persefona and thought they were a perfect frame for this gorgeous romper by The Forge. I am not usually one to wear tons of rings at one time or other hand jewelry but these handchains by Vibing & Nova changed that and the fact that they are out for Fifty Linden Friday made them a no brainer to at least try…and I love them.  The petals are available at the current round of Cosmopolitan and the romper is at Redoux which runs thru the 21st.  Be sure to check out both events before they end! By the way…Happy Friday!!

{Style Credits}

Featuring The Forge @ Redeux

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