A Sea of White and Blue

Sisterhood of the Traveling...

I had vacation on my mind this morning and ever since I saw Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants years ago, I have always wanted to go to Greece.  Pictures taken of Santorini, with its cascade of white and blue buildings meeting with the cobalt sea are breathtaking.  This led me to go hunting for a sim inspired by the beauty of Greece.

I ended up in Harmony City and while it had the general look I was going for it also reminded me to look at things with an open mind and with your imagination.  It’s easy to take beautiful photos at a really well done sim where everything has been arranged for such a purpose with all the best landscaping our Lindens can buy but this doesn’t mean there isn’t beauty in a place that perhaps doesn’t use any of those things. Perhaps the beauty of it comes from the heart of the creator, doing their best to create a place that has meaning for them and then hoping someone else may see its beauty as well.

After doing my usual playing around with windlights and panning for the perfect spot my camera landed here.  I love the picture because taking it reminded me to look at the world, both physical and virtual, with open eyes, an open mind and an open heart. There truly is beauty in everything.

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