I am super excited to announce I am now an official blogger for Meva AND Lyrium Poses though they have been getting my Lindens long before I even thought about blogging.  I am proud of the work I have been doing on my blog and am having so much fun with it and having great sponsors makes it much more exciting…It gives a blogger purpose!   I love giving exposure to brands I love and hope they enjoy my work!  This top by Meva is currently available in the PocketShop and pairs perfectly with Meva Sina pants.  The PocketShop hud allows you to shop from the comfort of your favorite chair and is free in the Marketplace.  The pose is by Lyrium and comes from the Falling Bento pose series. I look forward to working with both these great creators! Happy Friday everyone!

{Style Credits}

Featuring Meva and Lyrium


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