I often wonder what everyone’s thought process is when they are about to take a photo.  Of course it’s about showcasing a sponsors product but it’s not only that.  Not for me at least.  I like to look at the picture and wonder what they are doing, thinking….Do they look like they are having fun, feeling terrible….these are the photos that capture my interest.  This photo was not the photo I went out to capture but as I was testing out poses, this is the one that jumped out and captured my attention.  She just looked so thoughtful, her mind somewhere a million miles away.  It just came together perfectly, the way a good photo does.  If I am having to work too hard at a photo, fussing with the pose and lighting, I have found it best to just move on and start with a fresh idea. Make sure to check out the credits below.  I love the shirt and it is the new group gift at Meva.  Be sure to go get yours!

{Style Credits}

Featuring Meva & Lyrium



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