Let’s Play HORSE

Let's Play HORSE

Remember “back in the day” when we were kids and we played OUTSIDE all day?  I remember running out the door right after breakfast, six or so houses down the block to my best friends house.  I would run up on the porch and cup my eyes with my hands and press my face to the door screen and shout “Can Brenda come play?”

We played hide and seek, kick the cans and one of my favorites, HORSE.  For those who may not know, HORSE was played with a basketball.  One person would go first, pick any spot to try and make a basket and if they did then the other person had to make the shot from the same spot.  If they made it, then they got to pick a spot to make a shot and so it went back and forth.  When you missed a shot the other person had made you got an H and the next time you missed you got an O and so on until you had missed enough shots to spell out HORSE.  Whoever got HORSE first lost the game and got taunted with the “You are a horse” chant and then we would start a new game!

Such a simple game in such simple times.  We didn’t realize the joys of childhood until it was too late!  However, it’s not too late to pick up a basketball, grab some friends or family and play a good game of HORSE!  Try it!

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