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Cheveux on the Rocks

Cheveux On the Rocks

“Cheveux on the rocks please.”  It sounds like you are ordering a drink but in reality…well, make that virtual reality, it is a great new hair by Cheveux available at the Hair Fair.  The Hair Fair starts September 22nd and if you are in the demo group you get access to all the demos today, September 21st.  The sim design is great this year with sort of an “out west” feel about it with cute little clusters of cactus scattered about.  You can also hop on a prim bus again this year, to help you move around the sim.  Most importantly, this is a fundraising event for Wigs for Kids.  You can read all about the important work they do here. The Hair Fair runs thru October 7th so be sure to visit the sims, get some new hair and donate to a great cause.

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