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Pendle Hill


Pendle Hill by Lauren Bentham

A few days ago I received a group notice from the super talented Lauren Bentham, the creator and owner of several sims that I am sure every Second Life photographer knows well.  The notice said she had been secretly working on a new creepy sim just in time for Halloween and since I love Halloween and I love her work I knew I would be going to visit…well, today was the day. Pendle Hill here I come.

When you arrive at the landing point you are offered a flashlight, the Pendle Hill Info and Rules notecard and a Landmark.  The notecard contains useful information about joining the group if you wish to rez props.  The notecard also states that the sim IS going to be a year round sim, not just here for Halloween.  Be sure to use the region windlight setting and turn up your sound.  I also want to add that none of my photos have been edited beyond cropping and all the lighting you see is created inworld (Advanced Lighting enabled).  Let’s continue!


From the landing point if you turn and face the water you will see this great sunken ship silhouetted in the moonlight. You can hear the wind whipping, waves lapping and see the lightning off in the distance.  Carefully work your way inland to explore the buildings.  There is a Magick Shoppe directly ahead and more buildings to the east. I headed to what I took to be the main house.


With the creep factor setting in, I could only hope that Mr. Crow’s eyes were the only ones I felt watching every step I made.


The house is full of spooky, old things along with voices, music boxes playing and old clocks ticking.  Be sure to watch out for cobwebs!


There is much to see at Pendle Hill so allow plenty of time and explore all of the buildings and the surrounding grounds.  I will be back for sure and am glad it will be a year round build.  Have fun and happy haunting!!

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