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Fairy Photography

Fairy Photography(1)

My daughter, an only child, got married 2 weeks ago.  It was wonderful and bittersweet at the same time.  I am so proud of her and who she has become.  We live hundreds of miles apart and I miss her every day.  She and I went hunting for fairies often when she was little and being the creative child she was, she spent a good month one summer, making tiny articles of clothing for the fairies she was sure flitted around our house.  They were bits of twisted and tied fabric that I still have to this day.  She would lay them out near her bed each night, sometimes with a note, and every morning those tiny pieces of clothing had been scooped up by the fairies sometime in the night.  This beautiful pose by PosEd Poses was a sweet reminder of the childhood moments she and I shared.  Someday I hope she has a blond haired little beauty of her own and that they spend warm summer evenings hunting fairy boys and girls among the flowerbeds and trees.

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