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Witch Hunt

Witch Hunt Final

Halloween in Second Life is busy, busy, busy!  There are hunts, costume parties, special events, in other words never a shortage of shopping or recreation.  The I Heart the Cart Sale – Welcome to Heck is still going on with lots of cute and affordable Halloween goodies like my “devilish” balloons and my witchy feline friend, complete with her very own cauldron.  Also coming soon is the Spookzilla Hunt & Costume party.   It is a region wide scavenger hunt where you can find…wait for this…630 prizes.  There are 63 stores participating and each will have a minimum of 10 prizes hidden.  That is completely terrifying…for your inventory!  *cackles loudly*  My cute halter is one of the prizes that will be offered by Fetch.  The hunt runs from October 22nd – 31th and the costume party is on October 28th at 6pm SLT. You can follow Spookzillas Facebook page here for all the latest information.

{Style & Decor Credits}

Featuring [Fetch], TeaBunny, Brattylane Creations & Sour Pickles

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