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Pumpkin Patch Afternoon

Pumpkin Patch Afternoon

Halloween is almost here!  This is your last weekend to add the finishing touches to your decor, get your candy ready, carve your pumpkins, make pumpkin seeds and spend a day at your local Pumpkin Patch.  If you are lucky you live near a really great one that has hayrides, a haunted maze, cider and donuts and of course “pick your own” pumpkins.  This adorable set by Sway’s will get you all ready for pumpkin carving with your Second Life family.  It includes the table, stump seats, bucket, crate with pumpkins, knife, 3 carved pumpkins, pumpkin scraps and a pumpkin bowl.  It is also the monthly SPOTLIGHT product, meaning VIP members can get it for 50% off and even if you are not a VIP member you can still get 15% off.  Grab it now and have a fun carving party this weekend!

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