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Smoking Skyline

Smoking Skyline

I love the vintage feel of this outfit, Trish, by *SK*.  Depending on your style it could be worn as a dress, lingerie or sexy lounge wear.  It reminds me of a vintage nightgown my mother has that is from the 1940’s.  We are both lovers of vintage things but her collection is much larger than mine.  I tried to keep the vintage feel in the whole photo and think I got the look I was going for.  Trish is available now at TRES CHIC and comes in 11 gorgeous colors….everything from rich jewel tones to shimmering pastels.  TRES CHIC is open until November 10th so you still have plenty of time to go take another peek, perhaps pick up another color if you didn’t already get the fatpack.

{Style Credits}

Featuring *SK* & Lyrium Poses



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