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Fireside With Friends

Fall, Fires & Friends

The good thing about living in a state where its not a freezing, rainy mess by the end of October is that you can still enjoy time outdoors.  When I lived in Michigan, I remember there were years you couldn’t even see my daughters Halloween costume because she was so bundled up from the cold.  Children of the south will never know the struggle!  Now, I have a lovely screened in porch and have been enjoying some of our mild afternoons and evenings sitting and sipping my coffee.  The new Autumn Hangout set by Sway’s, coming soon to the Gacha Garden, has everything you need to make your own outdoor visiting space perfect for spending time with friends and family.  Not all of the items are shown in my photo above so I will include the Key Photo after the credits so you can see just how many pieces there are.  The new round of the event starts on November 1st and the landmark is in the credits.  Enjoy!

{Decor Credits}

Featuring Sway’s

Gacha KeySway's [Rhea] Autumn Hangout Key.png

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