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Her Escape

Her Escape

We’ve all heard of the “Man Cave”, which in some cases is just a greasy garage filled with beer cans and car parts and that’s fine if that is a hard working man’s place to relax.  I think women have a different idea of what is relaxing….introducing the “She Shed”.  She Shed’s have actually been around for awhile but I think the term became more widely used this past summer.  I did find some articles dating back to 2015 using the term though.  If you read my blog, you know I blog a variety of items, sometimes fashion and sometimes home and garden decor.  When doing home and garden shoots you typically arrange your items, take your shot and then tear the whole thing down.  Well not this time!  This one is going to stick around awhile.  It is the Ferme de bourdons  gacha set by Krescendo.  It is an antique French country style that is just beautiful.  It will be at 6 Republic which starts on November 6th at 12 noon SLT and runs through the 20th.  You  have so many options with this set and best of all…NO RARES…just beautiful pieces that all work together.  *Note: Landmark will go live on the 6th at noon SLT

{Decor Credits}

Featuring [Krescendo]

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