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Guardians of the Gate

Guardians of the Gate.jpg

Ok..I have to share!  There is a very funny story that goes along with this photo.  First of all, its the latest creation from TLC and it is available at a brand new event called Baroqued Gothical.  Now when I received the blogger notice, there was a small note included that the creators were leaving their comfort zone and hoped that we wouldn’t throw tomatoes at them.  In case you don’t know, TLC does amazing work, generally animals of all sorts, birds & feeders, fish, ponds…you get the idea.  So I unpack the box, rez the item and its this beautiful stone gate and I thought why would we throw tomatoes, its beautiful.  So I proceed with my setup and had it just about done but thought it was missing something.  I decided it needed another section of gate so I went back to the folder to rez another one.  Well, image my surprise when I see something in the folder that I missed the first time…tadaaaaa, The Dragon!  Well that clearly explained the tomato comment and required a completely new photo idea.  I do love the end result and would like to say to True and Lautlos, It’s ok…it took me out of my comfort zone too…but I think we both pulled it off.  Baroqued Gothical is open now and will close at 7:59 AM SLT on November 25th.

{Decor Credits}

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