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Let’s Play in the Woods

Let's Play in the Woods 1

I love when I get to do a photo with my husband….though sometimes he is here to help and sometimes I just have to log him on and get him photo ready myself.  For some reason it always goes much faster when I am doing the dressing, posing hands and face, adjusting hover…I guess that comes along with all the practice we get, right ladies?  Shi.s. poses has releases some great fall poses for singles and couples. They are designed to work with a bicycle that is not included but is available for purchase from Thor.  You can see this bike I already had in my inventory worked just fine.  The Rowan Circular bench is from Sway’s and comes with all sorts of options for wood, blanket and pillow textures, has single and couple animations and seats up to 4 avatars.

Let's Play in the Woods 2

Here is a shot of the second couple pose which again will work great with any bike you may already own.  The leaf piles and blowing leaves are also included.  The poses and the bench are available at The Liaison Collaborative going on now until November 26th.  There are a lot of great things at this round so go get shopping and have some fun with photography yourself!

{Style & Decor Credits}

Featuring shi.s. poses & Sway’s


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