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Wild Wisteria

Willful WIsteria

I love Wisteria and I am lucky to have a few spots near my house where it grows wild.  The vines take over the tree tops, spreading and filling them with dripping purple clusters.  It is considered an invasive species and its seeds are poison but it is beautiful nonetheless and I love seeing it growing in the wild.  Disclaimer: I also admit to waving my arms, clapping and possibly squealing with delight, “Look, Cotton!”, when we drive past a cotton field.  Having lived most of my life in the northern US (except for the past 6 years), cotton fields were something I had never seen.  I am glad that the little things still make me happy.

Moving along to my outfit….It’s called Maxima and is the latest design by *SK*.  It comes in 17 gorgeous colors and the texture work is beautiful.  It has the perfect shine as all silk should with just a hint of sheerness.  It is available now at We Love Roleplay.  The current round ends on November 30th.

{Style & Decor Credits}

Featuring *SK*

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