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Birds of a Feather

Birds of a Feather

If you are a bird watcher or bird lover you are going to want the latest creations by |T|L|C|!!  First we have the “Fly Thru”, the most popular dining spot of the most fashionable birds in town.  The detail is amazing.  The lights on the sign have a flashing light effect that can be turned on or off and a volume control for the birds as well.  So cute!  The next offering is “Meow’s Diner” and is only for the birds who are not faint of heart.  Those brave birds willing to take that step onto the cat’s tongue will be rewarded with a pile of seeds they will find just inside. Again, you can control the volume of the birds so you can decide what works best for your environment.  The feeders are available at Tannenbaum which is going on now until December 22nd.  Fly on over and check it out!

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