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Wear It Like A Tattoo

Wear It Like A Tattoo.jpg

Loving this picture is easy to do because I love all the items I am featuring.  I mentioned a few posts ago that designers were really creating so much great stuff and it just keeps on coming.  Blogging is easy when you have great things to work with.

This sofa comes from ::NEWCHURCH:: and the texture is so realistic.  It is the Gemma 3 Leather Sofa and comes with single and adult animations.  You can change the color of the sofa and pillows to suit your decor.

Now I am not a big tattoo person but when I am in the mood to change it up the first place I look is Carol G. I love the look of this Koi Fish tattoo.  The colors are just eye-popping like so many of the Carol G. tattoos.  This one is also unisex and looks great on male or female avatars. It is currently available at ULTRA.

Last, but certainly not least, is the pose.  Great poses do so much to convey the feeling of a photo.  This one from Lyrium poses was exactly what I was looking for.  She is relaxed, just chilling out on the arm of her sofa…making me wonder what she is up to next.  It is in the Lara Series and is currently available at the Dubai Event.

{Style Credits}

Featuring Carol G., Lyrium Poses & ::NEWCHURCH::

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