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A Blue Christmas

A Fireside Christmas

Usually I stick to the traditional reds and greens in my indoor decorating but I have always loved blue lights on trees outside.  That being said, all it took was this beautiful set in shades of teal and blue to inspire me to bring a little of that blue indoors.

This set, Winter is Calling, is just one of the offerings by Beyond Majestic at the SL Christmas Expo and they are all gorgeous. Other sets include Up On the Rooftop, which is done in traditional colors and has a cute train going around the tree; Endless Winter is Coming, which has a darker feel, and the Expo exclusive, A Little Christmas Magic, which includes several little elves busying themselves in the tree and on the hearth.  You just have to see them.

Every one should make a trip to the Christmas Expo as there is something for all.  I love the way you can hop on the channel ice skating tour and effortlessly be guided along the ice, allowing you to window shop with ease.  If you see something you want to take a closer look at just hop off to take a peek and then hop right back on to continue your tour.  Don’t forget, creators are donating 50-100% of proceeds to the Relay for Life/American Cancer Society.  The SL Christmas Expo runs through the 9th so don’t be a last minute shopper…Go now and enjoy!  You can read all about the Expo here.


{Decor Credits}

Featuring Beyond Majestic & PurpleMoon

*Note – Extra tree shown in photo.

BM Winter is calling full set Exclusive.png




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