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Indian Summer

Indian Summer

I’m not sure we met all the guidelines for an official Indian Summer but it was 70 degrees Sunday and that was above the average for December.  My husband and I worked out in the garage, gathering Christmas decorations as we went and sorted the other items that had collected over the summer. Thankfully, we like each other so we work well together! *Winks

It seems my sponsors were busy creating items that would work well together also. They came up with some great things for the latest round of We Love Roleplay.  Playing “dress-up” is so fun and this photo was fun to shoot.  The outfit is from *SK* and comes in 7 colors at regular price plus a special Christmas pattern for just 50L.

The next item is by Krescendo.  The Wildwood Furs drying on the rack…only they are not just decor furs.  It is actually a gorgeous rug that comes in PG and Adult versions.  Krescendo is also offering a matching pillow for just 50L.  In fact, all creators are offering an item for just 50L this round.  You can see the gallery of all items here.

{Style & Decor Credits}

Featuring [Krescendo], *SK* & Lyrium Poses



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