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Reindeer Games

Reindeer Games

Spinning off the idea of my Frosty tribute picture I thought it only fair that Rudolph get a shout out too and so much of my cute decor from Sway’s fit right in with the feeling of the movie.

Sway’s has a great Advent Calendar going and if you have not started it already I suggest you get over there, get your hud, hunt for the keys and start clicking the calendar before you miss any more gifts.  Sway’s also has new spotlight items available…2 in fact…because she thought they went so well together AND she’s the boss!  She can do that!  Lucky for us.  The spot light items are Christmas Treats and Snowman Mugs and are super adorable.  Remember, Spotlight items are 50% off for VIP members and 15% off for everyone!  Spotlight pricing is good until January 5th.

Also setting the mood are my reindeer antlers and Rudolph nose..you know..just in case I have to guide Santa’s sleigh too!  They are from Gable and are available at the SL Christmas Expo.  They are also Gable’s 100% donation item, meaning 100% of the proceeds from the sale of this set go to Relay for Life.  The Expo runs through the 9th so time is running out!  Don’t miss it.

Last but certainly not least are my super comfy cozy PJ’s by Pink Star Attire.  So cute and they come in several Christmas patterns.  Great for relaxing and snuggling with your favorite guy or gal during the Christmas holiday! (Disclaimer: I may be partial to the PJ’s because they are made by my awesome sissy but they truly are as adorable as she is!)

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Featuring Sway’s & Gable

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