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Fresh Powder

Fresh Powder

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Ask around in the skiing community and I am sure you will hear varying definitions of the term “fresh powder” and its been MANY years since I was on a pair of skis, mostly because I just wasn’t that good at it and my desire to learn something that left me sore and freezing was pretty much nonexistent.

Fresh powder to me is waking up in the morning and finding everything has been blanketed in sparkling flakes.  The wind is still, the sun is shining and not man nor beast has disturbed a single flake.  This beauty can also be found on a snowy evening, when it’s the moon and not the sun, casting a glow over the glistening landscape.

It’s two days before Christmas and I am definitely missing the snow right now.  I am thankful for my little cabin in Second Life, decorated festively for the holiday, the ground covered in snow with gentle flakes falling and church bells ringing in the distance.  It’s  as close as I can get to the real thing this Christmas and I am enjoying the peace it brings.

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