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The Holiday Cottage

The Holiday Cottage

Featuring Sway’s

My main home in Second Life is on a beach but every year in early November I find a small parcel on a winter themed sim or make my own in a skybox.  It’s as close to a white Christmas as I will get and I do miss my Michigan white Christmases.  When I started blogging I got a second parcel because I could see that I would be changing decor constantly and as much as I like decorating I still need my “home” to remain constant with a few changes as seasonal items come and go.

Having the second parcel allowed me to set up my own winter getaway this year.  I built it on a sky platform in case I needed to use the water and space on the ground for something and I have enjoyed it for a couple of months now.  I will probably keep it this way until the end of January, when I will start getting the itch for spring to make its appearance.

I built it loosely on the cottage in the movie The Holiday, one of my favorites any time of year. It’s a great movie where two women, played by Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz, switch homes for 2 weeks during the holiday.  It’s has a bit of everything; love, drama, comedy and of course a happy ending.

Sway’s has a few new pieces out for Fifty Linden Friday today that I added to my home and they were the perfect touch.  Be sure to check them out because while Christmas might be over, winter is not.  Stay warm!



Ula Street Lamp Snowy

Lars Unpaved Road Snowy

Ethan Wooden Gate

Ethan Brick Wall Fence

Clyde Birdhouse *Coming Jan. 1st to GachaLand

Clyde Snowman *Coming Jan. 1st to GachaLand

Clyde Doormat with Boots pink *Coming Jan. 1st to GachaLand

Clyde Sled with Snow *Coming Jan. 1st to GachaLand

Studio Skye

Enchanted Woods

Enchanted Tree Tunnel

Trompe Loeil

Shoemaker Cottage


Seasonal Weather System

Death Row Designs

Rustic Cabin Decor – Group Gift

Bygone Designs

Garland Pepper & Pomegranate


Separate Vacations – Hans Zimmer












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