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Do They Eat Bamboo Too?

do they eat bamboo too_

Featuring Sway’s

I’m squeezing in a second post today because I just found out these super cute Panda Flowerpots by Sway’s are going to be out tomorrow for the Fifty Linden Friday sale.

I love panda’s and I know there are other panda fans who won’t want to miss the sale tomorrow!  Not a panda fan?  How about pigs?  There will also be Piggy Flowerpots as well!  Put it on your list for tomorrow!!

Decor Credits


Panda Flowerpot with Succulent A

Panda Flowerpot with Succulent B


Panda Adult Sitting

Panda Cub Sitting


Shrub Pink

Studio Skye

Bamboo Palm


Vase with Cherry Blossoms


Serene Sanctuary Koi House (Rare)


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