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Musicians Mayhem

Musicians Mayhem

Featuring [Krescendo], Space Oddities and Unrepentant

So much to blog and so little time!  That means a double post today but I wanted to make sure I got this blog out in time for you to make a trip to Redeux!

There are so many cute “clutter” pieces as I call them that are perfect for filling your blog photos or decorating your house!  I hear people actually do that! *laughs*  Bloggers are known for building a scene and then tearing it down to move on the next but I know we all find pieces we keep out longer in our building spaces or house if we have them.

Moving right along..I love the Light Up My Life light bulb by Unrepentant.  To me its a reminder to think of bright ideas for blogging and I love its retro feel.  Keeping with the theme of positive thoughts is the Good Vibes Shelf from Space Oddities.  The shelf includes 2 frames that you can add your own photos to (I used musical notes) and a plaque that says “No Bad Vibes”.  I think we can all use that reminder….who needs bad vibes!

Last but not least to tie my budding musicians loft together is the new release from [Krescendo].  The Amptitude amp is a great decor piece but is also has great animations in it.  If you run a club or know someone who does you need this piece.  It would blend in the club scene and offer some additional seating without taking up a bunch of space.  It comes in PG and Adult versions and is available at the Man Cave Event.



Trompe Loeil

Sunbleached Puffy Couch White

Rings Desk Lamp

Timeless Kitchen Ceiling Lamp


Guitar Shelf Free Bird

Desk Clutter

Hanging Light A

Cheeky Pea

Modern Industrial Coffee Table

Modern Industrial Rug

Modern Industrial Planter


Vinyl Record Shelf Silver

Vinyl Record Shelf Black


Amptitude @ Man Cave Event

Grand Piano

Apocalyptica Cog Stools


The Shiloh Cabinet White


Relaxed Shades

Space Oddities

Good Vibes Shelf @ REDEUX


Light Up My Life @ REDEUX


Darling Desk Gacha – Desk Calendar


Wall Desk Wood


Display Shelf


USB Keychain Holder

Tres Blah

Bon Voyage Clock Radio

{What Next}

Toasty Space Heater

Dust Bunny

Laundry Room Clutter Hanging Tote Bag


Nerenzo Radio

Apple Fall

Times Newspaper

New York Studio Apartment




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