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Summer In The Park

Summer in the Park.png

Featuring Sway’s

It’s raining here in the southern US with more to come over the next FOUR days!  I would say its a perfect time to be daydreaming about summer in the park!  Featured here is the Mayra Half Circular Bench by Sway’s.  I have shown it in all 4 color choices of the wood and also all 4 colors of the pillows and blanket.  Each bench will sit up to 3 avatars and it has single and couple animations.  You are welcome to stop and rest as you stroll through the park and I’m sure the squirrel would be happy if you could bring along some nuts!

The Mayra bench is available now at Whimsical. Whimsical is open until March 11th.  Stop by and get ready for spring with items that will last through summer and beyond!




Mayra Half Circular Bench @ Whimsical

Heart Garden Center

Harmony Wild Dandelions

The Little Branch

Grass V4 Animated

Blooming Tree Lavender

Blooming Tree Pink

Sugar Maple V3

Zoe’s Kreations

Tire Swing

Garden of Dreams

Aman Purple


Edged Brick Park Path


Squirrel Feeder


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