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Taking My Moment

Taking A Moment

Featuring PosEd Poses

The last few days around here have been crazy!  This past Friday morning at 6:30 AM,  our spare bedroom ceiling fell to the floor, the sheetrock soaked from the rain that has been going on for days.

A little background…my husbands job was moved out of state a few years back and he moved into an apartment and kept his house in Virginia.  After we met we then moved into a lovely rental home while he was still deciding what to do with his house back in Virginia.  There is a very large military, technology, and research presence where we live now, with contractors coming and going all the time.  Due to this most home rentals are handled through real estate companies who then deal with the actual home owner.  This works out well most of the time since the real estate company has their reputation on the line.

Fast forward to last week!  We had huge winds (no rain yet) that blew off several shingles.  I took pictures and contacted realtor.  They responded that the owner had contacted her insurance to make a claim.  Then the rain started…POURING rain and a couple days later…crash.  So now we have  a bigger problem, right?  It was explained to us by the realtor that because when I reported the missing shingles there was no actual leak that it was not an emergency and emergencies come first.  Understandable but what about that ounce of prevention I have heard about…or even common sense!

To make a long story short (too late, right), on Saturday, a roofer came and put up a too small tarp that still allowed leaking, a demolition guy came and cleaned up the mess AFTER helping my husband empty the entire room (I was just a week out from surgery that has me on a 6 week, 5 pound lifting limit), the rain continued all day and night Saturday resulting in more leaking and of course no work was done yesterday.  Though I was completely frustrated with the comedy of errors it had become, when Sunday arrived and I saw the sun for the first time in about a week I was able to just let it all go.  We are safe, the contents of the spare room are fine (though they are scattered throughout the house) and I don’t have to cough up any money for roof repairs.

So I put on my comfy clothes and did a little exploring in Second Life and found this nice relaxing spot at Soul2Soul Falls and took my moment!  Happy Monday everyone…let the construction begin!


What I’m wearing

Body – Maitreya – Lara

Head – Catwa – Eva

Skin – Insol – Nicole

Face & Body Moles – Izzie’s

Eyes – Aviglam –Heartbreaker Eyes

Ears – Swallow – High Definition Ears

Nails – e.marie – Coffin Nails Autumn Pallet

Hair – Doux – Mona @ Equal10

Top – Addams – Barbara Turtleneck

Leggings – Blueberry – Cake Leggings

Earrings – [ kunst ] – Lucy Earrings

Shoes – Reign. – September Sneakers


PosEd Poses

Love Me or Hate Me


Soul2Soul Falls


Here Comes The Sun – The Beatles

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