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Them Hens Is Organised

Them Hens is Organized

Featuring |T|L|C| Home Collection

Them hens is organised…the words spoken by Mr. Tweedy multiple times in the movie Chicken Run and organized they were!  Chicken Run is an older stop motion movie, released in 2000 by Dreamworks and it’s quite cute and comical.

Mr. and Mrs. Tweedy own a chicken farm and when greedy Mrs. Tweedy isn’t happy with the egg profits she starts plans for “Mrs. Tweedy’s Chicken Pies”.  Ginger, the smart hen of the bunch, often dreams of escape and her attempts usually end up with her in solitary confinement.  Ginger finally come up with a plan with the help of an injured rooster, the other hens and a couple of rats.  Mr. Tweedy knows something is going on and keeps trying to tell his wife that the hens are organized.  She doesn’t believe him and has some harsh words for him but in the end she gets her due comeuppance!

The movie was produced by a British studio, hence the spelling of organised with an “s” unlike the “z” we use here in the US.  You can catch Mrs. Tweedy giving Mr. Tweedy the what for here!  Cute movie, well worth the watch!



|T|L|C| Home Collection

Chicken Gacha Pieces 1-14

11 common and 3 rare

Heart Garden Center

Harmony Dasies

Harmony Wild Dandelions

The Little Branch

Apple Tree 4 Seasons

Wild Grass Dry Animated


Medium Loose Hay Ground Cover

Adi’s Stuff

The Red Barn


Dirt Road Dark Brown




Apple Basket


Hanging Light A


Vintage Egg Basket


Genesee Bushel Basket Aged

 Just Animals

Pig Sleeping

Velvet Whip

Hay Rolls Couple





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