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Spring Has Sprung

Spring Has Sprung

Featuring [Krescendo] and Tuesdays

Spring comes early in the south and it still catches me by surprise even though I have lived here just over 6 years now.  My daffodils have bloomed, redbuds are blooming and trees are budding their little green leaves that will unfurl before we know it.

Spring is also a time for all the new babies like my ducks here…or like the 5 kittens I discovered IN the duct work of my house.  They are cute little things, Manx kittens, with little bobs for tails though clearing them out is going to be difficult.  The HVAC man was here today along with Animal Control who won’t do a thing to help except provide a cage once they are caught.  The property management company is going to send their “wildlife” guy out to set some live traps and I have a feeling this is going to take awhile.  Wish me luck!




Aries Decor Lantern Fat @ Zodiac Event

Aries Decor Lantern Skinny @ Zodiac Event


Moss Bunnies (Hunt Prize for MadPea Spring Hunt)


Pekin Duck Collection @ Belle Event


Lily of the Valley

Studio Skye

Ancient Wall

{What Next}

Spring Bloom Daffodil Planter

Heart Garden Center

Wildflowers Queen Ann’s Lace

Ancient Stone Pathway – Steps


Harmony Daisies


Sweet Garden Grass 02 – Green


English Ivy

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