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Summer Sun Respite

Summer Sun Respite

Featuring |T|L|C| Home Collection

Let’s talk Second Life inventory for a second, shall we?  I spent a long time sorting mine out when I first started blogging because I knew it would be essential to get and stay organized…and it has been.

However, when you have been a…hmmm..”collector” (because we aren’t hoarders, right?) as long as me, even though it may be sorted, we may not recall what it actually is.  For example, what is Le Chant Lie?  Well you will have to check my credits to find out.

I had a scene in mind that I wanted to use this new release from TLC with so I went to my “Outdoor Furnishings & Decor” folder and just started rezzing stuff.  I found some great things I had forgotten about simply because I didn’t recall the name of it.

In my old fashioned (or just old) brain I can totally imagine a women, nestled here, reading and drinking iced tea..waiting to meet her husband who is out working in the field.  Once he arrives, she will offer him a drink and they will begin the slow walk home..hand in hand.  Have a nice weekend everyone!



|T|L|C| Home Collection

Feathered Squatters – Oriole @ Bloom


Le Chant Lie

Misty Monday Morning Fence

Misty Monday Morning Bike


Sweet Retreat


Sisal Rug

Studio Skye

Rustic Fence Set

a.n.c. Ltd.

Curly Forest Grass – Purple

Heart Garden Center

Harmony Wild Poppies

Harmony Wild Iris


Sweet Garden Grass 02 – Green

Sweet Garden Grass 02 – Purple

Apple Fall

Apiary Bee Hives


Rustic Garden Decor Wheelbarrow

Artisan Fantasy

Flower Cart Lavender

Flower Cart Coneflowers

Flower Cart Daisies

The Artist Shed

Country Planter Bushel Basket


Bird Apartments


Reunion/Finale (From “The Color Purple” Soundtrack)


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