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Sunshine On My Shoulder

Sunshine On My Shoulder

Featuring Promagic and Fashiowl Poses

I started this picture the other day…the day before I found out my dad had passed away.  Of course Second Life was put to the back burner as I made travel arrangements, talked to family, etc.  If you read my blog, you know my dad had a stroke right before Christmas and just kept having complications that left his health slowly deteriorating so the news was at least not a complete shock, though is was just as devastating.  I may have also mentioned that I moved from Michigan to the southern US, Alabama actually, and have ZERO family here.  Its just me and my husband who has been my rock.

The sitting around and waiting is probably the worst thing so I pulled this photo back up and went to editing.  I thought a lot about my dad as I was editing, not really focusing, just letting my fingers work.  The photo is bright and cheerful, a bright spot in my mind….perhaps a message from my dad, who was also very creative, to do my best not to be sad.  Then my brother said the same thing to me…”Dad would not want us to be sad”….and he’s right.  Of course sadness is expected, and important actually, to grieve and let the pain escape and I have shed an enormous amount of tears….but later this afternoon, I will start my road trip to Kentucky and say my “until later” tomorrow….rain is forecast…but I am going to do my best to keep sunshine on my shoulder.  I love you daddy!


What I’m wearing

Body – Maitreya – Lara

Head – Catwa – Eva

Skin – Insol – Nicole

Face & Body Moles – Izzie’s

Eyes – Aviglam –Heartbreaker Eyes

Ears – Swallow – High Definition Ears

Earrings – Eliya.K – Sila Ear Hoops

Bracelet – CAE Initial Bracelet

Hair – Doux – Juniper

Dress –  PROMAGIC – Zen Dress @ Cosmopolitan

Shoes – REIGN. – Vendetta Heels Chunky


Fashiowl Poses – Gran Danes @ Vanity Event

*Includes dog and sunflowers*


John Denver – Sunshine On My Shoulders


Sol Existence

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