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So “Eggcited”

So _Eggcited_

Featuring Aphrodite Shop

It looks like the Easter Bunny has gotten a little too “eggcited” and is going overboard with his egg hiding.  Let’s hope there’s a bottom to that pot or we may have to head to China to find that one.  Easter is right around the corner!!  Have you got your decorating done?  This adorable pot with bunny legs is perfect for your porch, patio, foyer or even a shelf.  It is resize-able so you can really use it anywhere!



Aphrodite Shop

Easter Deco with Resizer


Wildgrasses Green

Garden of Dreams


LAQ Decor

Curtain Set


Meadowbloom Birdhouses #1-3


Chubby Cat Bird Bus

{What Next}

Winter’s Cottage


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