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Puffin Life

Puffin Life

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Is it just me who finds herself running to Google in the middle of some blog posts?  I am inquisitive by nature and when I received these Puffins to blog at first glance I assumed they were related to penguins.  I am sure it was the coloring that gave me that first impression but when I googled Puffins to get an idea of their habitat I found out I was completely wrong in my thinking! Who said blogging doesn’t make you smarter? *Laughs*  Let me share what I learned!

Puffins are actually seabirds and there are 4 species.  The info I am sharing relates to the Atlantic Puffin specifically.  The Atlantic Puffin is found exclusively in the North Atlantic Ocean.  They are about 10″ tall and weigh about as much as a can of pop/soda.  They eat mostly fish and can fly 48-55 miles per hour. Rather than making nests,  they dig burrows that are 2-3 feet long.  Puffins lay only 1 egg per year! They usually keep the same mate each season and use the same burrow as in previous years. The males are “hands on” dads and share the duties of incubating the egg and rearing the chick with the females.

I haven’t been to the zoo in years!  These puffins have given me the itch.  Vacation may not be in the near future but a trip to the zoo certainly is!



|T|L|C| Home Collection

Puffin Island @ Flourish

Divia’s Design

Romantic River Building Set


Flower Meadow


Sweet Garden Grass 02 – Purple

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