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Flamingo Fabulous

Flamingo Fabulous

Featuring |T|L|C| Home Collection

I am lucky enough to blog for one of my favorite animal creators in Second Life, |T|L|C| Home Collection.  They always create not only the animals but beautiful scenes to go along with them and now they have released their first Animesh item and its so beautiful.  Flamingo Island is the base piece and it is a great sandy beach with a small waterfall and tropical plants.  Just rez it and start adding all the beautiful flamingos.  There are different Animesh types; walking and feeding, as well as non Animesh animated flamingos that gently move their heads.  For me, nothing screams “tropical” more than flamingos.

Flamingo Island is available at Cosmopolitan, open now until May 18th.  The Flamingos have 12 different texture options and are also available separately if you already have your own island.  A must see!



|T|L|C| Home Collection

Flamingo Island @ Cosmopolitan

Flamingos @ Cosmopolitan

Las Islas

Naimesh Hibiscus

Heart Garden Center

Wild Exotics – Umbrella Palm

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