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When The Cat’s Away…

When The Cat's Away...

Featuring Sway’s

I think I may have mentioned this before but I am a sucker for animals in clothes…mice in particular but most any cute, furry animal in apparel is adorable!  Sway’s had released a branch letter gacha at Gacha Garden and my mini mice friends here have posted their fence as “Mouse House” so that all of their friends know they have arrived at the party.  They have come out of hiding to swim, sunbathe, play tennis, fly a kite…you know…all the things mice do because….”when the cat’s away, the mice will play”.

There are 26 letters, 24 common and 2 rare and the Seeds of Inspiration gift is the matching “&” sign and a heart.  There is also a cute candle holder gift at this round.  Don’t miss it!




Branch Letter Gacha @ Gacha Garden

(Seen here spelling out Mouse House)

Fay Mushroom Seat

Dust Bunny

Fairy House Gray


Wildgrasses Green

Shrub Pink

Garden Tree 08 w/ Lights

Barnesworth Anubis

White Garden Fence

Garden of Dreams


Chez Moi Furnitures

Color Flower Stone


The Host Mice

Musician Mice

Tennis Mice

Mice in the Pool

Picnic Mice

Sunbathing Mice

Skater Mice

Tourist Mice

Mice with Kite

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