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Something Old, Something New

Something Old, Something New

Featuring Aphrodite Shop and [Krescendo]

Are you a baker?  I like to bake, I just don’t do it often.  The things in this photo remind me so much of my mothers kitchen.  She swears her best kitchen items are her old vintage ones, like her bowl she makes her chocolate chip cookies in. I’m not sure what the bowl has to do with the taste of the cookies but they are magical so who am I to argue!  It is an Autumn Leaf Hall China bowl that she has been using since I was a little girl….we are talking 50+ years here.  It’s amazing that it hasn’t been broken.

Once we get settled into our new home I think I may bake more since I will have much more room to move around now.    I think the kitchen is one of, if not the most, important rooms in the house.  I know for me it is.  When I moved from Michigan almost 7 years ago, I left behind a grand kitchen with more cupboards than I could use.  I am finally getting another fabulous kitchen….and unrelated to the kitchen, an ultra deep jacuzzi tub.  Win, win!  I see baking and bathtub soaking in my very near future!  Happy Monday everyone….now back to the unpacking!



Aphrodite Shop

Fearless Chef Bread Maker

Decorative Hot Bread Basket

Bread and Garlic Board

Butter Deco


Cup Cakes Fox

Cup Cakes Cat

Cup Cakes Bear

Dust Bunny

Muffin Tin


Mixing Bowl 7

Measuring Cups / Blues 2


Ceramic Chickens


Blueberry Bowl

Pixel Mode (Now Closed)

The Vintage Chef Canisters

The Vintage Chef Pastry

The Vintage Chef Vintage Baking Tools

The Vintage Chef Cutting Board

The Vintage Chef Bakeware Clutter

The Kitchen Cookbooks

The Kitchen Fruit Bowl

The Kitchen Island Counter

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