Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Featuring Lyrium, Sway’s, [InsurreKtion], [Fetch] and Meva

In the words of the great Randy Quaid, “I’mmmm backkkkkk”!  For anyone that doesn’t know, that is a line from the 1996 movie Independence Day.  In case you missed all my blathering on Facebook, I moved a month ago and it has taken this long to get cable and internet hooked up at the new house.  Fiber was brand new to this neighborhood and clearly there were issues working the bugs out!  It wasn’t too bad the first couple of weeks because I was busy unpacking but the last 2 have been pretty unbearable…that and the fact that I was just so frustrated with AT&T.  Yesterday was the 5th visit for them, so for AT&T, apparently the 5th times the charm!

I titled this Home Sweet Home for a few reasons…one being this is my first blog post from my new home and my avatar, Victoria, is back in her home.  I REALLY missed Second Life and the time I spend taking photos so I am so, so happy to be back.

My sponsors all had so many beautiful releases while I was away and it was hard to decide what I wanted to blog first.  This photo features several of my sponsors, more than I have ever used together in one photo but it all went so well together.  I was happy about that because I really want to show off all the hard work they have done in just four weeks.  I also want to say thank you again to all of them for being so patient with me while I got my internet sorted.  I really have the best sponsors in Second Life!

On to the credits and have a great weekend!

P.S. Hurry to Sway’s for the fencing and boardwalk!  It’s out now for Fifty Linden Friday!


What I’m wearing

Body – Maitreya – Lara

Head – Catwa – Eva

Skin – Insol – Nicole

Ears – Swallow – High Definition Ears

Face & Body Moles – Izzie’s

Hair –  Doux – Vega

Top – Meva – Ria Top @ Access

Shorts – Meva – Ria Hot Pants @ Access

Sunglasses – [Fetch] – Billie Glasses


Lyrium – Keely Series # 4 @ ON9



Driftwood Ibiza Set @ The Liaison Collaborative


Coffee Table

Hanging Chair


Pergola w/awning



Trunk Deco


Ruel Rope Fence

Ruel Boardwalk Washed-Out


Deja Pillows

Las Islas

Naimesh Hibiscus

Studio Skye

Skye Beach Dunes

Mesh Plants

Hibiscus Yellow

Chez Moi Furnitures

Watermelon Tray

Heart Garden Center

Wild Exotics – Umbrella Palm

That’s Amore 

Watermelon w/ Bartender

Paradise Waterfalls & Landscaping

Pink Fairy Pops Flowers

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