Patriotic Green Thumb

Patriotic Green Thumb

Featuring Refuge

The Fourth of July is right around the corner and I am excited to see lots of American Flags showing up in my new neighborhood.  My usual “method” of blogging decor that consists of multiple pieces is to rez it all out, look at the pieces and usually (and luckily) an idea comes out rather quickly.  That is what happened with this picture.

It features the newest gacha set from Refuge but don’t worry.  If gachas are not your thing you can also buy the full set outright.  It’s the Green Thumb Gacha set currently at Shiny Shabby.  As soon as I rezzed out the lights the first thing I noticed is that they were red, white and blue and so immediately got the idea for a patriotic “greenhouse”.

It was fun going through my inventory to look for anything red, white or blue that would compliment the pieces.  I think the gardener in this photo is ready to celebrate the holiday.  All that’s missing is the hot dogs, apple pie (though I am sure she makes good use of her apple trees) and fireworks.  I know I have those in my inventory too!  How do you celebrate?




Green Thumb Gacha@ Shiny Shabby

Factory Light in Red, White and Blue


Planter and Spade

Planters Empty

Crate Planter

Seeds Box

Seed Packets


Plant Something Box

Watering Can

Industrial Chair RARE

Heart Garden Center

Summer Hanging Basket


Wildgrasses – Green

Artisan Fantasy

Potted Gerbera Daisies

Planted Gerbera Daisies

PILOT & Can’t Even

Metal Tubs


Garden Tools


Dream Lantern Star

Pretty Things Shelf

The Little Branch

Apple Tree V2


Twinkling Flower Bush


Clarissa Curtain (Texture Modified)


Delilah Shed

Barnesworth Anubis

White Garden Picket Fence


Mailbox Notable USA RARE

{What Next}

Mayfair Trunk Old Glory

Consignment & Floorplan

Woven Rug

The Dreamer Creations

Shabby Country Chair


Green Grocers Strawberry Basket


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