Where The Sun Don’t Shine

Where The Sun Don't Shine

Featuring Fashiowl Poses and Sway’s

Ready to make a splash? Then get ready for the upcoming round of GachaLand which starts on July 1st.  That is where you will find all of these fruity floating rings just waiting to fill your pool or beach.  There are 11 to collect including one rare with 3 rainbow texture options.  They have a smooth, slow rotation and 8 animations.  The GachaLand exclusive reward is a floating ring that you can actually personalize with the text and color of your choice and if that wasn’t enough to get you over to the event you can also grab this fun “No Bikini” sign for free!  Your gift from Sway’s!

This fun pose from Fashiowl Poses worked great with my idea for the picture and Fashiowl Poses has released several great sets perfect for summer.  This one comes from the Summertime set.  The set includes 10 bento poses and the beach ball prop which has a color menu with 15 textures to choose from.  If you are looking for fun summer poses and cute poses that include props, you definitely want to check out all the great recent releases from Fashiowl Poses.

Excuse me now while I go work on getting a tan in places”where the sun don’t shine”!


What I’m wearing

Victoria’s Standards

Hair – Doux – Moonspell

Bikini Bottom–Blueberry – Adrianna


Fashiowl Poses – Summertime #1



Kendra Floating Ring Gacha @ GachaLand

Rainbow RARE

Watermelon Pink


Dragon Fruit

Watermelon Red



Watermelon Yellow


No Bikini Road Sign


Carefree Bikini Clutter

*Prop shown in hand*

The Little Branch

Fan Palm @ Summerfest


German Hooded Beach Chair


Soda Can

Studio Skye

Wild Grass Type 3

 Las Islas

Naimesh Hibiscus

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