Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time

Featuring Old Barn Door

Once upon a time long, long ago in a land called Second Life there was a cottage in the woods.  It was called Brookshire Cottage and it was tucked in a forest on a cute little parcel…a corner parcel with a sunset view.

Magical things happened often on this parcel.  Beautiful things would magically appeared out of thin air, only to disappear shortly thereafter.  The villagers who lived nearby were surely puzzled on a daily basis and there were even a few who would swear that they had seen houses, trees and flowers zip across their lawns.  One old timer even told the local children a story about how a complete pond ended up in the middle of his kitchen.

The villagers were afraid the Brookshire Cottage would disappear in the same way and that its beauty would be gone forever.  They called together all of the residents and asked for a volunteer to make the long journey over to the land of Shimmer where, as legend tells, there was a queen named Queen Firethorn who could give every resident their own Brookshire Cottage in exchange for the right amount of a invisible, magical thing called Lindens.

The brave volunteer made the long journey, fighting off the Bloodline vampires, the hybrid wolves, a seemingly infinite number of “Jasons”, shapeshifters always seeking to steal both skin and shape from the innocents of Second Life and the terrifying creatures known only as “noob”. 

When at last he arrived safely, the beautiful queen offered him food and lodging for the night.  The next morning Queen Firethorn told him the secret to obtaining the magical Lindens and gave him a magical notecard that would allow the rest of the villagers to be magically transported to Shimmer.  Once there, they could take their new Lindens and exchange them for their own Brookshire Cottage that would never disappear unless they performed their own magic and whisked it away to a place known as “En Ventori” where it would be safely stored until they wanted to visit it again.


Want your own Brookshire Cottage?  Click the Old Barn Door landmark below and take your own magical trip to Shimmer! Want your own magical, invisible Lindens?  You have to figure that one out on your own.  Happy Monday!



{Old Barn Door}

Brookshire Cottage

Brookshire Side Trellis

Brookshire Porch Light

Brookshire Hello Doormat

Brookshire Path

Brookshire Geraniums

Brookshire Front Bushes

Brookshire Skinny Pine +

Heart Garden Center


Wildflowers Hydrangea

Old World

Sculpt Grass White Daisies

 Studio Skye

Enchanted Woods


English Ivy


Wishing Well

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