Bella Notte

Bella Notte

Featuring [Krescendo]

So my love of Disney is showing again, isn’t it?  In case it isn’t obvious, this is my recreation of the famous kissing scene from Lady and the Tramp.  Now in the movie they kiss while slurping a piece of spaghetti but I didn’t have spaghetti and besides I think my Dust Bunny ravioli is way cuter!  I’m pretty sure they will figure something out.

The inspiration for the photo all started with this beautiful Pet Feed Station from [Krescendo].  Now as beautiful as it is, no dog in his right mind is going to pass up ravioli for dog food!  If you are an animal lover you must check out the MadPea Pet Friends Fair.  It is filled with all sorts of cute pet items for all your furry friends.  Don’t miss it!  Happy Friday all!

P.S. In case you are a fellow Disney fan, have you heard Disney has done a live action remake of Lady and the Tramp that is set for theatrical release on November 12, 2019! I can’t wait!




Pet Feed Station @ Madpea Pet Friends Fair


Glam Greyhounds 11

Splendid Spaniels 11

Dust Bunny

Pasta Love Ravioli


Oktoberfest Breadsticks in Steinkrug

Tres Beau

Chianti Candle


Sevilla Backdrop 1


Lady and The Tramp – Bella Notte

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