A Day At The Beach

A Day At The Beach

Featuring [Fetch]

Ready to spend the day at the beach?  Don’t forget to pack the essentials!

  • Book?  Check!
  • Tunes?  Check!
  • Drinks?  Check!
  • Sunscreen?  Check!
  • Water toy?  Check!
  • Sunglasses?  Check!

If you have everything on the list you’re pretty much set!  If you need sunglasses head over to [Fetch]!  You will find loads there!  Pack up and go…what are you waiting for!  Have fun!


What I’m wearing

Victoria’s Standards

Hair – DP YUMYUM – # 94

Swimsuit –Dead Dollz– Silene Swimsuit


Indigo – Female Blogger Pack – Stand #8



Daisy Glasses *shown as decor but they are wearable*


Sandia Beach Towel – Watermelon

Dust Bunny

Beach Day Breezy Book


Gone to the Beach Beach Ball @ FaMESHed


Sun Lotion


Pink Soda


Hibiscus Potted Pink

The Black Forest

Retro Radio

Leonas Little Shop

Tropical Plant 8


Good Day Sunshine – The Beatles

*Kobalt Kreation Sandcastle no longer available*



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