Never Too Old For Hopscotch


Never Too Old For Hopscotch

Featuring Promagic

Hopscotch…such a simple game yet children love it.  I know my daughter did!  I think children enjoy the hopping about from square to square.  I mean what child doesn’t love organized hopping but I also think they have just as much fun drawing out the pattern with giant sticks of chalk, another favorite of children.

It is a shame to think that so many of today’s children will never know some of the simple games and activities that many of us grew up with.  Technology is great obviously and important..but so is being able to find joy in simple things.

I will close this post with a little poem I have on a wooden block. It sits on my mantle as a reminder to all who see it to find joy in simple pleasures. Have a great weekend!

Jump in a puddle, skip a little rope.

Snuggle a puppy, giggle at a joke.

Life is for living as children well know

Such pleasures we often forget as we grow.

– Unknown –


What I’m wearing

Victoria’s Standards

Shoes –Promagic– Sadh Sandals


FOXCITY – Stairs (Standing) #7


Dust Bunny & Consignment

Emma Flower Bicycle

Seven Emporium

US Mailbox Metered


Cat Sandwich Board


Hopscotch Animated Sidewalk


Market Street Backdrop


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