The Big Blue World

The Big Blue World

Featuring Promagic and {Old Barn Door}

You know we rarely think about all the wondrous, interesting things that are going on in the ocean as we sit and watch it from the sandy shore.  I have a friend that lives in Ft. Myers Beach and I have been lucky enough to vacation there on a few occasions.  I think I may have mentioned in the past that I have a small …ok, maybe a little bigger than small, fear of the ocean but between almost drowning as a small child and Jaws, can you blame me?

Anyway, I have had some amazing experiences during my trips to the beaches there.  I almost stepped in a pile of stingray until I learned about the “stingray shuffle”, I had wild dolphins playing within 5 feet of my while I floated in my tube and touched a wild manatee that visited the bay inlet of a house I was renting.  The locals claimed it came everyday and some children were even swimming with it.  I also got to watch a countless number of teeny tiny hermit crabs scramble about in a tide pool.  I would love to live on or near the beach someday and wonder if the people who live there take the time to appreciate all the beauty they have.  I need to make another trip there soon…I’m still looking for Nemo and Dory!



{Old Barn Door}

Coral Coast Lounger


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Trompe Loeil

Keliana Umbrella

Keliana Sunbathing Towel


Sandia Beach Bag

Kenda Floating Ring


Summer Paradise Gacha – Beary Loud Boombox

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Beach Seat Sand Castle

UNA & Mushilu

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{Why Not?}

Pool Noodles


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Gazebo Friends

Chez Moi

Tropical Float

Studio Skye

Skye Beach Building Kit


In the Big Blue World (Finding Nemo: The Musical)

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