Get Out There And Explore

Get Out There And Explore

Featuring ZK Store

This was a fun shoot…not only because I was feeling cute in my Lydia outfit from ZK Store but because while I was exploring for a photo location I found the cutest sim!  What you don’t see in the photo is that I am wearing roller skates and I originally intended to do a full body photo and went looking for a boardwalk or pier.  I checked out a couple that I didn’t find quite right and then I went on to the next, The Cade Pier.

Let me back up a bit and say that I have always been an explorer in Second Life and one of the things I enjoy most is coming across a beautiful sim at random…not because I heard about it or read about it but just because I happened to discover it on my own.  The Cade Pier did not disappoint.  It is SO CUTE!  It is a PG sim, designed with families in mind and there is EVERYTHING to do.  Now, this isn’t a sales pitch and I don’t know the owners in any way other than asking if I could take some photos there, but if you are looking for an adorable place to live or a vacation spot I highly recommend you take a look at The Cade Pier.   I’m not sure how long I was there, panning around looking at everything but I can tell you it was so long that in the end I didn’t have time to take the photo and had to go back the next day.  I’ve included some photos just because I couldn’t help myself!

Now..back to my outfit.  It is available at the ZK Store mainstore and you can purchase the outfit and waist bag individually so that you can mix and match your favorites or splurge and get the fatpack.  There is a hud included with each outfit that allows you to choose from 4 different graphics on the top.  Grab the outfit, grab your skates and get out there and explore Second Life!


What I’m wearing

Victoria’s Standards

Hair – Truth – Joy

Outfit – ZK Store – Lydia Outfit

Waist Bag – ZK Store – Lydia Bum Bag

Earrings – Mandala – Omochi Earrings Pink


FOXCITY – Miss United Skates – Pose 1


The Cade Pier


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