Attic Celebrations

Attic Celebrations

Featuring Refuge

This was another fun photo to put together.  It started when I was going through items in Blogotex and came across the Eclectic Halloween Gacha set from Refuge and felt a bit of a personal challenge coming on.

I said to myself, “Self, it’s the middle of summer but what can you do with Halloween items?”.  I thought about all the other holiday decorations we store in our attics, garages, basements and spare rooms and the idea was born.  Thankfully my holiday decorations in Second Life take up far less room than they would in the real world or I would be in some serious trouble and just like I love delving into my decorations and finding those treasures we see just once a year it was the same feeling as I went through my Second Life holiday folder.

So here you have it…a little taste of Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Spring and the Fourth of July!




*Eclectic Halloween Gacha*
Medical Wall Hanging Skeleton
Golden Pumpkin Group
Candlestick Pumpkin
Boo Table Stand
Candelabra Gold Grunge
Industrial Hallway Table

Winter Scene

{what next}

Hello Fall Wreath

Hello Spring Drawer Shelf w/ Eggies

Hello Spring Wreath


Yule Bauble Tree

Vintage Ceramic Christmas Tree

Halloween Jack O’Lantern


Ornament Garland Traditional

Apple Fall

Heritage Christmas Tree

Sheet Ghost

{Old Barn Door}

July 4th Jar of Flags

Katy’s Kreations

Pumpkin Group


Pink Hearts Table Runner

Little Heart Topiary


North Pole Destinations Sign



Witch Iska


Pumpkin Carving – Crate with Pumpkins

Egg Vase – Yellow


Crafty Kids Paper Turkey


Halloween Wood Planks – Ghost


Autumn Farm Signs


Floor Pillows – Holiday


Mint Candy Fence


Pinecone Traditional Red

Cherry House

Halloween Decorations Bunting


’15 Holiday Decor – Wreath

Cheeky Pea

Molly’s Tea Party Spring Chair

Candii Kitten

Witch and Kitty Halloween Decoration

Purple Moon

Penguin Stocking

Dby Mesh

Cardboard Box

Mad Mesh

Cardboard Box – Wet

Cardboard Box – Clean

Dust Bunny 

Sleepless Attic Skybox







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