World Peace Summit

World Peace Summit

Featuring Sway’s

Hate.  It has caused a lot of problems in this world, but it has not solved one yet.

-Maya Angelou-


I used a beach towel from this set the other day but wanted showcase the entire collection in a post of its own.  As I was rezzing out all the towels, one of the first thoughts that came to mind was that my beach was looking like the United Nations.  Then my mind drifted and I wondered how much more work could be accomplished by the world leaders if they held their summits on a nice beach somewhere.  Not likely to happen but it’s interesting to think about all the “what ifs” that could make the world a better place if things were different.  I’m sure we all have these thoughts about our individual countries and the world in general.

Anyway….the Flag Beach Towel gacha is from Sway’s and is available at the Gacha Garden.  Head over and grab a bunch for your beach!  Wishing you a peaceful Friday!




Flag Beach Towel @ Gacha Garden

20 to collect, 2 rares – See Key below

Heart Garden Center

Wild Exotics Umbrella Palm

Campfire Forest – Bonfire Medium

The Little Branch

Tropical Snow Pink

 Las Islas

Naimesh Hibiscus

Leonas Little Shop

Tropical Plant 5

Tropical Plant 4

Tropical Plant 7

Tiki Tattoo

Umbrella Thatch

Junk Food


Soda Cooler



{what next}

Palisades Burgers & Hotdogs

Studio Skye

Beach Dunes


Michael Jackson – Man In The Mirror

Sway's [Flag] Beach Towel . Key

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