Blanche’s Boudoir

Blanche's Boudoir

Featuring MudHoney

Is anyone here a Golden Girls fan?  If so, you might appreciate the modern day update I have given to the bedroom of Blanche Devereaux, the notoriously man-hungry character played by Rue McClanahan.

Something fun about watching old reruns is to see how decor and fashion have changed over the years.  On the show, Blanche’s bedroom is classic 80’s Miami, done in pinks and greens with palm fronds covering the walls, curtains and bedspread.  In my update, I have left out the pinks but went bold with the palm fronds……clearly! *Laughs*

The bedroom set is a new release from MudHoney and is currently at Collabor88.  The Elara set includes the bed, canopy drapes, dresser, nightstand and mirror.  It is fully customizable with texture options on all pieces, including wood, hardware, drapes and all bedding.  It comes in adult and PG versions.  I think Blanche would approve, don’t you?




Elara Set @ Collabor88

Elara Bed
Elara Bed Drapes
Elara Dresser
Elara Mirror
Elara Nightstand


Parsons Wall Panels

Mesh Plants

Hanging Fern


Water’s Edge Lantern


Boho Palm & Plant Stand


Succulent Plant Copper


Get Inspired – Potted Succulent


Nordis Rug


Thank You for Being a Friend
Song by Andrew Gold and Cynthia Fee

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