Nothing Like A Little Jack And Coke

Nothing Like A Little Jack and Coke

Featuring [Aleutia], Lyrium and |T|L|C| Home Collection

More new fun stuff for all the shoppers and animal lovers out there!  Let’s start with my dress.  It’s from Aleutia and though it is actually a dress I have paired it with a skirt.  I found this funny because it was like real life carrying over to Second Life.  I am quite tall in real life, 5′ 11″, with a lot of leg so I can’t tell you how many dresses and skirts over the years have been paired with leggings or shorts…otherwise I would have been ticketed for indecent exposure.  It still looks super cute and just shows it can be worn paired with your favorite shorts, leggings or skirt also.

My pose is from Lyrium and comes in their Pose Collection Pack which I have found invaluable, especially when I first started blogging.  It has several styles of poses including portrait, seduction, pin up, fantasy, model and more.  Highly recommended for new bloggers who need a great starter collection!  The one shown here is actually a portrait pose but you can see it worked perfectly for this shot showing me looking down at my little puppy pal.

My puppy pal, a Parson Russell Terrier, is a new animesh release from TLC.  Yes, I am referring to him as a Jack Russell for the sake of the photo but they are similar breeds.  The Parson Terrier was bred more for hunting while the Jack Russell was bred more as a companion dog.  This pup includes options for fur texture and you can name him as well!  What will you name yours?


What I’m wearing

Victoria’s Standards

Hair – DP YUMYUM – # 94

Dress – [Aleutia] – Zara Dress @ Collabor88

Skirt – Blueberry – Calliope Skirt

Shoes – REIGN. – Sharky Mini Slips


Lyrium – Pose Collection Portrait #5


|T|L|C| Home Collection

Parson Russell Terrier Animesh Companion @ Cosmopolitan

{What Next}

Vintage Fan

Bramley Rocking Chair


Vintage Decor – Soda Crates


Old Coca Cola Mesh (Only 20L!)

Danger Gum

Old Ice Machine (FREE!)

PILOT & Can’t Even

Metal Tubs


Chrysanthemum Orange

Chrysanthemum Yellow

Trompe Loeil

Maisie Cabin

*Other Vintage Sign textures imported by me*

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